Learn some of the many uses of our innovative grinding machine.

Now you can easily acquire and receive it at the comfort of your home!

Grind vegetables, fruits and vegetables
For home and business use
For those who are lovers of coffee, pile coffee.
Scratch coconut, cabbage, beet, cheese, etc.

About Collazo Electric

Collazo Electric is a Puerto Rican company that has served for more than 25 years, Keeping the customer happy with their high quality products. We are the manufacturers of the grinding machine and other products. We satisfy the needs to undertake the culinary arts both for home and in the business market.

Our customers with the machine have made typical dishes, gastronomic dishes and international dishes. Our machine, pile the coffee in high quality to keep to our coffee's amateurishs happy always.

Me encanta tengo una desde hace tres años, hice que me la enviaran desde PR a RD. La adoro. Almeida Reynoso
100% recomendada. Hace varios años tengo una, y se utiliza todo el año. No me ha dado problemas. Madeline Montero
Excelente máquina!!! No tiene muerte..!!! Jennifer Guzman
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